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NJ Bloody Mary is a site that’s dedicated to finding a good bloody mary.  We created a directory where anyone can add a listing and all members can submit ratings and reviews.  Why you ask

Well… I had been unemployed for a couple of months and finances were tight. Having a background in technology I started a web design and digital marketing business Bizzebees and got certified in google analytics, google Adwords, and digital marketing.

After celebrating a big client launch we decided to go out for a bloody mary to celebrate. I googled “The best bloody mary near me” The search results showed a mouth-watering bloody mary topped with shrimp and a crab claw.
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Asbury Park leads in NJ’s best bloody marys

Asbury Park NJ's secret bloody mary capital.  Asbury Park NJ has always been one of my favorite places.  Growing up as a little girl I spent many summers on the beaches and boardwalk there and as a Bruce Springsteen superfan, I have spent many an adult night at the...

Build Your Own Bloody Mary Bars in NJ to Check Out

  Updated List! I love a bloody mary bar that allows you to customize your bloody mary to the extreme.  Some places let you choose from a list, others have a buffet like spread that allows you to take a glass of vodka on ice to the bar to add whatever bloody mary mix...

DIY Bloody Mary Bar

NJ Bloody Mary I love a good bloody mary bar and when creating a DIY bloody mary bar at home, it's time to go for the extreme and impress your guests. I've listed ingredients below that I have used for you to pick up to create your own mind-blowing Bloody Mary Bar at...

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