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About NJ Bloody Mary


The Story Behind

Why on earth would you create a site of bloody marys?

It all began with another bad bloody mary.

I had been unemployed for a couple of months and money was tight. Having a background in technology I started a web design and digital marketing business named Bizzebees and got my official certification Google analytics, Google Adwords, and digital marketing.

After celebrating a big client launch – we decided to go out for a bloody mary to celebrate. I googled “The best bloody mary near me” The search results showed a mouth-watering bloody mary topped with shrimp and a crab claw.

We got to the restaurant and ordered the bloody mary and what was delivered to us was not the beautiful bloody mary pictured but a sad bloody mary with only a wilted celery stalk garnish.

Since I love bloody marys and I work in web & digital marketing, NJ Bloody Mary was born and we are steadfast in our mission of finding, crafting and serving the absolute best bloody mary cocktail.

The People Behind NJ Bloody Mary

We are an exclusive network of the top freelance software developers, designers, and finance experts in the world.

Bloody Mary Maniac
Bloody Mary Expert
Bloody Mary Intern
Bloody Mary Intern

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