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    Malibu Mary

    Malibu Mary is truly a fresh and unique Bloody Mary mix. Conceived amongst lifelong friends, taking years of perfecting, Malibu Mary encompasses the perfect combination of savory and slightly spicy, with a bolt of citrus that even woos the most complex palette.


    Dogwood Farms NJ

    At Dogwood Farms, our family is passionate about helping the Hillsborough community develop a deep, personal connection with their food. On our 35-acre, USDA-certified organic farm, we grow a wide range of produce and pasture-raised meat which are sustainably and ethically grown. Everything is available to buy at our store located directly on our farm, so you can see exactly where your food comes from and meet the people who grew it. We know our mission to provide fresh local produce extends beyond our farm, and almost all other products sold in the store are sourced from local businesses within a 50-mile radius. We want our community members to get to know their food, and we are proud to serve the Garden State with the best produce around.

  • Oxley’s Extra

    As a locally based small business, Oxley’ Extra products will be sold ONLY through other locally owned businesses and availability will be limited to Ocean City, MD and beach areas in Delaware of Fen

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