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DIY Bloody Mary Bar

DIY Bloody Mary Bar

NJ Bloody Mary

I love a good bloody mary bar and when creating a DIY bloody mary bar at home, it’s time to go for the extreme and impress your guests.

I’ve listed ingredients below that I have used for you to pick up to create your own mind-blowing Bloody Mary Bar at home.

You can use all or some, but it’s a list of ideas for you to get started.

Now gather up some mason jars and fill them on up with your garnishes.  Grab some chalkboard labels and a pen to label the ingredients for your guests.

If you’ve got some ideas for a DIY bloody mary bar,  please share with us!

Bloody Mary Bar Ingredients

The normal cast of characters:

Bloody Mary Garnishes For Carnivores

Bloody Mary Garnishes For Sea Lovers

Bloody Mary Garnishes in a Pickle

Bloody Mary Garnishes of the Earth

Bloody Mary Garnishes for the Rim

Mix them yourself or buy them.  I do it myself, just mix spices with sea salt to taste

Bloody Mary Garnishes that are Eggciting

Bloody Mary Garnishes that Pick a Pack of Peppers

Bloody Mary Garnishes that say Cheese

Bloody Mary Garnishes to Stick In

Bloody Mary Garnishes that make a Lunch

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